Mojito Madness

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My absolute favorite drink for warm weather is a classic mojito.  Since I pretty much love everything that has mint or lime, the combination of the two is just irresistible! My obsession for the two flavors is so strong, that I started a garden in my backyard just so I could grow my own.. 

Today, I'm sharing my super simple low-cal mojito recipe!  

I think it taste equally as delicious with or without rum so go ahead, make yourself a virgin mojito for a lunch time treat! 

- 1 lime
- Frozen Rasberries (Also try peaches, mango, strawberries)
- Fresh Mint leaves
- Ice Cubes
- White Rum - (Omit for non-alcoholic)
- Diet Sprite or 7-Up

 1. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into a tall glass
2. Add frozen fruit of your choice to the glass
(If using harder fruit like mangos or strawberries, allow to thaw fist)
3. Tear a few mint leaves apart and throw in the glass as well
4. If using rum, add one shot of rum
5. Using a muddler or another blunt tool, smash the fruit and mint leaves around to mix the flavors.  If you don't have a muddler, get one here!
6. Add some ice cubes on top of the muddled mixture
7. Fill up the glass with the Sprite
8. Pop in a straw and enjoy!


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