Triple Twisted Updo

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Since wedding season is pretty much in full swing, I thought it would be fun to share the perfect undo for bridesmaids or wedding guests! This beautiful and simple style will keep your hair off your shoulders, giving you freedom to rock the night away!

- 6 mini elastics (get them here)
- bobby pins
- Optional: Hair accessories (flowers, barrette, etc)

1. Split your hair into 3 sections and use 3 mini elastics to secure the ponytails
2. Create a twist braid in each section.  For complete directions on the twist braid, find them here! It doesn't matter how nice each braid looks or if there are pieces sticking out, you can fix it all later!
3. Gently loosen up each twist by pulling the pieces apart.
4. Take the back twist and wrap it into a bun around the top elastic.  Use bobby pins to secure the bun. 
5. Create buns with the other two twists and pin in place as well.
6. Once all three buns are secured, gently pull some pieces and pin those pieces to your head in a way to kind of spread out the buns. Basically you want to pin any pieces to help the three buns blend together. I usually take a few pieces and pin above the bun, and then take a few pieces and pin into the adjacent buns. 
7. Keep pinning pieces until you are satisfied with the look of the updo.
8. Finish with hairspray and add flowers or jeweled accessory to finish off the look!

If you like this updo, check out another style using twist braids here!


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